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SAUNALEXIN infrared Sauna panels

Warming the human body with far infrared radiation is a very pleasant way to generate perspiration.
LEXIN developed its Sauna panels based on its “LEXIN technology”.  The main difference between a regular panel and a sauna panel is that the latter has a semi-conductive paste that has been adapted to produce a higher skin temperature.  This special Sauna panel can built into various types of sauna cabins.

The difference between LEXIN’s biogenetic far-infrared sauna and a traditional high temperature sauna is that LEXIN’s waves quickly warm the upper skin tissue without the danger of overheating or burning.

Because with LEXIN the air temperature is lower, the cabin’s relative humidity remains the same, allowing the body to sweat while feeling relaxed, not hot. Although the air temperature remains pleasantly low, like the traditional sauna, it is perfectly suited for “Passive Fitness Training” by stimulating the skin’s blood circulation.It also opens the pores, detoxifies and aids in the healing processes for those inflicted with various illnesses.  LEXIN’s “deep-infrared warmth” does not only warm the skin; it penetrates up to 4 mm deep into the tissue.  This caused heavy perspiration, which in turn cleanses the body from the inside out. The analysis of sweat produced when exposed to a far-infrared sauna showed that in by “deep-infrared warmth” one does not only perspire water, but that toxic materials that are normally stored in body-fat, were also removed. 

These include cadmium, lead and nickel.The biogenetic far-infrared waves produced by the LEXIN panels, causes the water molecules in the human body to resonate, thereby changing the consistency of the bodily fluids and their velocity; hence there is increased flow. This supports the rejection of harmful pollutants and “free radicals”.This resonance of water molecules also causes the deposits in the blood vessels to dissolve, allowing for more oxygen to be supplied to areas with poor blood circulation.

Sports Physicians, for instance, often recommend that football players spend some time in an infrared sauna before a match, to allow the increased blood-flow to strengthen their joints.  Studies confirm that using an Infrared Sauna, rather than a traditional or of Finnish Sauna, following sports or other physical activities allows the body to shed more toxins!

One should not spend more than 30 minutes at a time in an Infrared Sauna. After perspiring, it is best to take a lukewarm shower.

You too can enjoy an innovative, soothing sanctuary that promotes fitness and health for the body, spirit and soul.
LEXIN’s Wellness heating panels.

Sauna panel SH06060 PDF Print


Power input 550 Watts
Dimension (L x W x H) 24 x 24 x 1.38" (602 x 602 x 35 mm)
593 x 593 x 35 mm (metric)
Weight 14.3 lbs (6.5 kg)
Operating voltage
120 Vac/60 Hz (North America)
230 Vac/50 Hz (metric)
Rated current (power input) 4.8 A (North America)
2.82 A (metric)
Operating temperature
320-356° F (160-180° C)
Capacity (Saunas Volume)
18 cubic feet (1,5 m3)

Sauna panel SH12060 PDF Print


Power input 1.050 Watts (North America)
1.200 Watts (metric)
Dimension (L x W x H) 48 x 24 x 1.38" (1212 x 602 x 35 mm)
1193x 593 x 35 mm (metric)
Weight 26.4 lbs (12 kg)
Operating voltage
120 Vac/60 Hz (North America)
230 Vac/50 Hz (metric)
Rated current (power input) 9.0 A (North America)
5,65 A (metric)
Operating temperature 300-350° F (North America)
160-200° C (metric)
Capacity (Sauna Volume)
35 cubic feet (3 m3)